Cynthia Snider~Artist

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                               Rock Art
Pricing the rocks depends on size & detail. The following should give you an idea.

-Cute Bugs =  $10 - $30
=Mice,Hedgehogs,Rabbits,etc = $30- $80
=Faeries & Dragons, etc = $50 - $100
-Cottages & Churches= $50 - $200
-Babies in beds,human or pet = $50- $100

-Palm Size ~ portraits on a rock= $80 (approx 4"x 4") One subject.
=Hand size ~
 portrait rocks = $95 & up (approx 7" x 5") One subject
Very large  portrait rocks are $150 and up.(approx 10")

*Add 80% for each additional subject on same rock. 

The rocks are very unique so the price will vary depending on size & detail.

               Wood Christmas Ornament

Pet or people portrait on flat wood 3.5" circle.

$80 +shipping for one subject. Add 50% for each additional subject. Includes writing on backside, ribbon and sparkle. 

Too much to list. If you have a question just email me or PM on FB.

  Portraits in Charcoal or Graphite 

 Approx. 8"x 10" One subject = $130
                            Two subjects =  $170
 I don't recommend more than two  subjects on this small size. 

 Approx.11"x 14" One subject = $240
                            Two subjects=  $310
                         Three subjects=  $405

 These prices include a plain background,  white or a light shading.

 If you want a detailed background add $20  to $100 depending on size & detail.


I require a 50% non refundable deposit before I start.

Prices do not include shipping.

I will send you a PayPal invoice for all payments.

I ship within Canada and USA only.

Prices are in Canadian funds.


          Other Commissioned Art

Any other commissioned art that is not a  portrait  (for example, an old homestead)
 will start at $215. for an 8" x 10" oil  painting.
 It will go up by size and detail.

 A graphite drawing will start at $130 for

 an 8" x 10" and go up by size and detail.

Oil Portraits,  People or Pets
 Approx. 8"x 10" One subject = $215
                           Two subjects = $280
 I don't recommend more than two subjects  on this small size. 

 Approx.11"x 14" One subject = $395
                             Two subjects =$515
                         Three subjects = $670

  Approx. 16" x 20" One subject = $600
                                  Two subjects =$780
                               Three subjects=$1015
                                 Four subjects=$1320

 Approx. 20"x 24" One subject=   $890
                                 Two subjects= $1160
                            Three subjects=  $1505
                             Four subjects=   $1955

Please inquire about bigger sizes and more subjects.

These prices include a muted background.

 If you want a detailed background add $100 - $400. depending on size & how much detail.

The painting will be on 1" thick canvass suitable for framing or hung as is.
I'll put a dust cover on the back and a wire for hanging.

I take extra  measures to prep the canvass for oil paints so your masterpiece will last many decades.



 If you see something on here or my FB Page, 

feel free to email or msg me about that one or a custom painted one.